Our Principles

Corporate Philosophy:

For decades, our professionals have followed key principles in serving clients and working with colleagues. In a dynamic world, clear standards empower the team at DRA to make the right decisions. We want our values to be apparent in our work, so that we can make a difference for our clients, for each other, and for the broader community.

For our Clients

  • Provide invaluable advice and advocacy.
  • Offer the best solutions – insurance, risk management and claims.
  • Be precise, responsive, flexible and creative.
  • Communicate effectively.

For our Employees

  • Serve our clients and each other with enthusiasm and professionalism.
  • Share the company’s profitability with our employees.
  • Resolve daily to have a good attitude – it will determine the quality of our performance.
  • Keep your life in balance.  Tend to your family, your faith, and your health.

For all Constituents

  • Listen.
  • Foster trusting relationships.
  • Serve our community.
  • Use good judgment and act honorably.