Strategic Risk Management


At Dominion Risk Advisors, our experts help clients with complex needs develop a unique Strategic Risk Management program.  This is the discipline by which your organization assesses, controls, exploits, finances and monitors risks from all sources for the purpose of increasing the organization’s short- and long-term value to its stakeholders.

Specifically, we will conduct an analysis that calculates your total cost of risk and create the best “strategy.”  Some of the tools that we use include:

  • Risk Identification – Listen, study and evaluate
  • Risk Analysis
  • Foster Risk Awareness
  • Establish Goals and Accountability
  • Customized Critical Path Timelines for your Strategic Risk Management Plan
  • Annual Experience Modification Review before NCCI promulgates your experience mod
  • Aggressive Claims Management
  • Zywave – Risk Management and Safety Portal
  • Accident Investigation Program and Training
  • Risk Control and Safety Specialists and Resources
  • Comprehensive Internal Risk Management Training including the Certificate in Risk Management Courses
  • Contract Review for Insurance and Indemnity Provisions
  • Contractual Risk Transfer Training
  • Alternative Risk Financing Options, including Group and Single-Parent Captives