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  • July 16, 2020

Virginia Governor Sets Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention (Covid-19)

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Virginia Governor Sets Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention (Covid-19)

Virginia Governor Sets Standard for Infectious Disease Prevention (Covid-19) 1024 538 Dominion Risk

Updated July 27, 2020 — Governor Ralph Northam announced that Virginia is the first state to announce state-wide emergency work-place safety measures to protect employees from Covid-19.

Resources for employers

The Commonwealth has resources to help you enact the standard.

What does this mean for Virginia employers?

  • For most employers with 11 or more employees, you will have 60 days to develop and train employees on your infectious disease plan. This is for “medium” and “low” risk employers.  Generally, most industries fall into these classes, including construction, manufacturing, distribution, retail and hospitality and more.
  • For some “high” or “very high” risk employers, you will have 30 days to train. Generally, these risk bands are for health care organizations and emergency responders.
  • All employers covered by this standard must meet the following:
    • Exposure Assessment and determination, notification requirements and employee access to exposure and medical records.
    • Return to Work policy and procedures.
    • Physical distancing policy and procedures.
    • A program to control access to common areas, breakrooms or lunchrooms.
    • Respiratory protection program for times when multiple employees occupy the same vehicle.
    • Respiratory protection and PPE program for employees when physical distancing is not possible.
    • Religious and medical waivers will be considered.
    • There are fairly detailed Sanitation and Disinfecting standards.
    • There will be a complaint procedure for employees.

At Dominion Risk Advisors, we are eager to help you with any guidance you may need in complying with this work-place safety standard. Please contact your DRA representative or call 540-366-7475.