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About Us

The DRA Difference

For decades, our professionals have followed key principles in serving clients and working with colleagues. In a dynamic world, clear standards empower the team at DRA to make the right decisions. We want our values to be apparent in our work, so that we can make a difference for our clients, for each other, and for the broader community.

Our Mission

We provide our clients with invaluable advice to protect their assets. Our employees reflect the values of the organization to support and serve all stakeholders. This creates a great customer experience, builds trust with our insurance carrier partners, and allows us to significantly reinvest in the community.

Our mission is simple. Reward outstanding employees and you will have satisfied clients.

Vision Statement

  • We will serve our clients and each other with enthusiasm, superior advice, and the highest standards.
  • We will be the employer of choice in Western Virginia.

  • We will build a regional firm that reinvests in the community in life-changing ways. 

Core Principles

Our values will be apparent in our work in serving all stakeholders – our clients, each other, our families, our insurance partners and our communities. We re-visit these principles regularly and hold each other accountable.

Our clients need quality commercial insurance protection, home and auto insurance for their families, and risk management advice. Our clients find comfort in our values-based process. Here are our Core Principles:

For Our Clients

  • Provide invaluable advice and advocacy.
  • Offer the best solutions – insurance, risk management, and claims.
  • Be precise, responsive, flexible, and creative.
  • Communicate effectively.

For Our Employees and Families

  • Serve our clients and each other with enthusiasm and professionalism.
  • Share the company’s profitability with the employees.
  • Have a good attitude – it will determine the quality of our performance.
  • Keep life in balance – tend to your family, your faith, and your health.

For All Constituents

  • Listen.
  • Foster relationships that are built on trust.
  • Serve our community.
  • Use good judgment and act honorably.

Risk is Inevitable, be Prepared with DRA

Personal and Commercial Insurance

Our experts can help you with complex insurance needs and develop a unique strategic risk management program.

We look forward to working with you

The DRA Team

President and Risk Advisor

Duke Baldridge, CRM

Vice President and Account Manager

Jennifer Schang, CRM, CIC, CPCU

Manager, Personal Risk Services

Mark Lowman

Risk and Commercial Insurance Advisor

Will Fralin

Account Manager

Allison Witt

Consultative Claims Specialist

Chris Linn