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The Value in Monitoring Motor Vehicle Records

The Value in Monitoring Motor Vehicle Records 1024 538 Dominion Risk

The operation of vehicles is a critical part of many businesses and creates one of the greatest risks to your employees, your organization, and your reputation. You should have a robust fleet safety program that includes training, maintenance, monitoring, and accountability. One effective and non-optional tool in your program is monitoring MVR’s or motor vehicle records.  What Are MVRs? MVRs are historical driving records of your employees that are maintained by your state’s Department of…

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car insurance teen

Be Smart; 8 Mistakes People Make with Car Insurance

Be Smart; 8 Mistakes People Make with Car Insurance 1024 538 Dominion Risk

We want you to be protected; that is the sole purpose of insurance. Make sure that you make the right decisions to protect your relationship with auto insurance companies. If you are in doubt, please call our team at Dominion Risk Advisors and we will help you make a good decision. Here are mistakes that you must avoid: 1. Failing to add a teen driver Whether through oversight or intentional, failing to add a new…

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Cyber Liability: Phishing and Malware Schemes

Cyber Liability: Phishing and Malware Schemes 1024 538 Dominion Risk

Cyber liability is a growing concern for many businesses. There are things you can do to ease the stress of phishing and malware schemes. Start here and contact us if you want to learn more about how DRA can help you. BUSINESS Concern 1 Crooks are taking advantage of the changes in our work habits in response to Covid-19. They are sending a whole new variety of phishing emails and malware attacks. These attacks may…

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Workplace Return: Safety Measures to Protect All

Workplace Return: Safety Measures to Protect All 1024 538 Dominion Risk

Those businesses that are reopening following our Covid-19 shutdown are likely to feel very different. We encourage you to plan accordingly to ensure a smooth, safe transition. The health of your employees, your customers and your suppliers are the priority of this outline. Healthy, happy workers and clients will accelerate the health of your company. These suggestions are like all risk management programs; they will be most effective when they are adapted specifically to your…

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Note to the DRA Community (Covid-19 update)

Note to the DRA Community (Covid-19 update) 150 150 Dominion Risk

In uncertain times, we need each other. We hold our stakeholders close to our hearts: For our clients, we will be available, creative, flexible and empathetic. For the community, we will continue to reinvest in life-changing ways. For our employees, we will be supportive, connected and purposeful. We miss so many things – visits with clients, handshakes and hugs, meals together, looking people in the eyes, sitting together as a team, and laughter. We remain…

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Coronavirus Risk Management

Coronavirus Risk Management 150 150 Dominion Risk

We are all aware of the Coronavirus and the growing number of cases in the United States. As we see large organizations and industries responding, we would like to help our clients in a small way as you navigate uncertain times. We ask you to consider three things: Are there immediate risk management steps that you can take to protect your employees, customers, and your business from the impact of the Coronavirus? Is there any…

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