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  • October 11, 2023

Virginia Driver Alert Program Helps Keep Your Business Safe

Virginia Driver Alert Program Helps Keep Your Business Safe

Virginia Driver Alert Program Helps Keep Your Business Safe 1024 536 Dominion Risk

As you may have heard, insurance premiums have been increasing because of the impact of supply chain disruption, general inflation, and medical inflation. We encourage you to take control. A good risk management program includes a good driver selection and qualification program.

Virginia offers an inexpensive, effective tool as a part of this program – the Driver Alert Voluntary Driving Record Monitoring Program. This program allows employers to proactively receive notifications regarding changes or new entries on drivers’ records. This includes traffic violations, license suspensions, and more.

Benefits of the Virginia Driver Alert Voluntary Driving Record Monitoring Program

  1. Enhanced Safety Standards: By actively monitoring driving records, businesses can ensure their drivers meet the employer’s driving requirements. This promotes safety and your reputation.
  2. Risk Reduction: Accidents and unsafe driving practices are a threat to your business and the greater community. Take control. With continuous monitoring, businesses can identify potential high-risk drivers and take corrective measures.
  3. Employee Accountability: There is an effective risk management concept called the Sentinel Effect. This means that when an employee’s behavior is being measured, he/she is more likely to make good decisions. Monitoring encourages safer driving by your employees.
  4. Cost Savings: Driving records are a factor in the premiums offered by insurance companies. As noted, monitoring will improve driver performance which will increase your insurance buying power. Further, it demonstrates a commitment to safety.
  5. Efficient Record Keeping: Instead of conducting periodic checks, which can be time-consuming and might miss crucial updates, the program ensures real-time record keeping. This eases administrative burdens and guarantees accuracy.
  6. Hiring Decisions: When bringing on new drivers, businesses can use the program to validate the driving records of potential employees, ensuring they meet company standards.
  7. Ongoing Training: If a driver incurs a violation, businesses can provide targeted training or interventions to address specific issues, thereby ensuring that the driver remains safe on the roads.
  8. License Verification: The program can alert businesses if a driver’s license has been suspended or revoked.
  9. Reduced Liability / Eliminate Negligent Entrustment: In the unfortunate event of an accident, the business can demonstrate that they took proactive measures to ensure their drivers were qualified and safe. This can reduce potential liabilities in lawsuits.

The Driver Alert Voluntary Driving Record Monitoring Program is more than just a monitoring tool – it’s a commitment to road safety and responsible business practices. Safety is a quality of life issue owed by the employer to its employees, its brand, and the community.

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